Seamless onboarding and integration

End-to-end digital experience

Besides ordering and following deliveries or test drives online, Otoqi provides the white label digital suite that enables you to completely integrate our services into your own customer experience. Multiple customization parameters allow you to define the features that you want to provide to your users.

24/7 support services

Digital tools are great but when they let you down, support services are crucial to ensure that we don't let any customer down. Otoqi operates a 24/7 in-house support team that is trained to monitor operations and make sure that all incidents are handled when things don't go as planned.

KPI driven

Customer satisfaction, driver route and other key indicators are constantly monitored by our systems to ensure that performance always exceed customer expectations. Customers also benefit from our online quality dashboards that are customized to display their KPIs.

5 star drivers

Our network of independant drivers is the backbone of Otoqi's service. Strict recruitment procedures, with less than 2 out of 100 applicants retained, ensure that we deliver best-in-class quality to all our customers.

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