Why should you join the Otoqi driver community?

Freedom and Flexibility

Choose your missions and decide when you want to work: period, days of the week, weekend, morning, afternoon, evening, night...

Regular pay

Generate or complete your income by carrying out a serie of missions which are paid every 15 days.

Efficiency and simplicity

Benefit from a mobile App allowing you to manage all your missions and which optimize your time to generate maximum revenue.

Human support

Composed of experienced former drivers, the Otoqi team, reactive and human, takes care of you during your entire journey.

What is Otoqi's business?

Otoqi is a digital platform that moves vehicles thanks to drivers and has "on-street" management services such as charging or cleaning shared vehicles.

Otoqi's customers are new players in the car rental industry (Zity, Sharenow ...), long-term rental companies (Arval, Fraikin ...), dealerships or garages

(BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Peugeot, Renault …) and even truck manufacturers (MAN, Mercedes).

Each month, more than 300 Otoqi drivers carry out more than 4000 missions throughout the whole country.

Otoqi operates throughout France and is also present in Italy in Milan and Rome.

How does Otoqi Work?

The best mix between the efficiency of technology and the proximity of human support.

A very complete App

Each partner driver manages his missions via an App. For regular missions, they enter their availability on days/time slots and missions are automatically assigned to them. For occasional missions, they are notified when a mission is available near them.  

The App optimizes the number of missions per day and therefore your incomes!

What are the requirements I must meet?

To have your category B driving license

For at least 3 years

With a minimum of 8 points

Being an auto-entrepreneur / or having a company

What is the income level of an Otoqi Driver?

What makes Otoqi so different, and what seduced 100% of its drivers, is that the price per mission is fixed. No need to draw up a quote yourself and no bidding for the lowest price!  You save precious time and work transparently in a climate of trust!

The price set by Otoqi takes into account the estimated fixed costs such as fuel, tolls and return transport. However, if additional and justified expenses are incurred, they will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipt.

Depending on his work rhythm: part-time or full-time, an Otoqi driver can achieve between 800€ and 2500€ of turnover per month.

Also, if you are eligible for l’Acre,your tax rate will be only 3% the first year and you will have no other expense.

With Otoqi, payment is made twice a month and the application allows you to easily track your billing and additional expenses.

How to become an Otoqi partner driver?


You will fill-in an online questionnaire that aims to verify if you are eligible to become a professional driver. Then, you will have to make a short introduction video that will allow us to validate that you have the required qualities.


Once the selection stage is validated, we will invite you to follow an online training. Then, you will carry out a discovery mission to familiarize yourself with the mobile driver App.


Create your profile on the driver App. Upload your documents, sign your contract, secure your uncashed deposit and order your equipment. you will be invited to do a phone interview before your first mission in order to establish a first human contact and to answer your remaining questions.


Once these 3 steps validated, you will officially be a member of the community of Otoqi partner drivers and you will be able to realize your first real missions.